Who are these guys and why is one darker than the other?

BBQSauceDepot.com is comprised of an incredibly handsome, mohawked asian businessman, David Khieu, and his malnourished, faux hawked designer buddy, Matt Williams… and apparently a tiny horse.

They had a vision for an ecommerce site that began during a fairly miserable game of golf with, “Hey, we should sell some shit on the internet…” By the next terribly aimed shot this discussion had evolved into the truely profound, “Uh, how about bbq sauce?” As they walked and talked, and drank their Budweisers, the true possibilities started to emerge.

These days anyone can “sell shit on the internet.” Admittedly, that’s why we got into this in the first place – reduced overhead, no rent, going to work without actually getting out of bed- but we wanted to do more with our site. As we walked through our local supermarket looking for sauces and inspiration, we instantly became frustrated that we had to make our purchases based strictly on the label. We thought it should be more like shopping for wine where they tell you what flavors are in the sauce and what foods it goes best with. That’s when the lightbulb went off. We didn’t just want to sell you sauces, we wanted to show you how to use them.

So as we began to layout the site we thought it’d be an essential addition to let the consumer be part of the site too. After all, just because we like it, doesn’t mean everyone else will. So we offer you the ability to add your thoughts on each sauce, rate them, and even make your own videos for us to post. Essentially, our goal is to create an online grilling community where we can share ideas, learn from each other and have a lot of fun. We hope you share our enthusiaism and thanks for your support!